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Upcoming Events[edit]

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SAT 3pm 2015-05-02 FCS Workshop | e RSVP
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Workshop at the Filipino Community Center[edit]



Filipino Community Center 
5740 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S
Seattle, WA 98118


  • There is parking to the north, south, and east of the building
  • Our lab is just south of the main hall. If you can't find it, or if the north door is locked, the front desk is on the south side of the building.

Facility Contact[edit]

Jon Madamba, 2014 president of FGSea, is also a board member at FCS. Contact him at jon@freegeekseattle.org


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Leads, remember to track the volunteers' time. You can use this worksheet:


Saturday afternoons: 3:00pm until 6:00pm.

-- These events are very common

Wednesday evenings: 6:00pm until 9:00pm.

--these events rarely occur

Presence of a Lead in the RSVP section indicates that an event scheduled to occur.

What Happened[edit]


Koanhead (talk) --Megyoung (talk) 06:01, 21 May 2015 (EDT)

Full Event[edit]



Training for Workshop Leads.




SUN 10am 2015-05-03 Special Meeting | e RSVP
A special board meeting has been called per the Bylaws to dissolve and reorganize the

board due to lack of inolvement and attendance by most of the current board members. This meeting is scheduled for 10am on May 3rd 2015 at ALTSpace, over at 2318 E Cherry St, Seattle WA 98122.

SAT 3pm 2015-03-07 FCS Workshop | e RSVP
NONE YETKoanhead (talk)

MON 7:30PM 2015-03-09 TPC Meetup | e RSVP

SAT 3pm 2015-03-14 FCS Workshop | e RSVP

SAT 3pm 2015-03-21 FCS Workshop | e RSVP
Koanhead (talk)

SAT 3pm 2015-03-28 FCS Workshop | e RSVP

SAT 3pm 2015-04-04 FCS Workshop | e RSVP
Koanhead (talk)

SAT 3pm 2015-04-11 FCS Workshop | e RSVP
Koanhead (talk)

SAT 3pm 2015-03-18 FCS Workshop | e RSVP
2015-03-18 FCS Workshop

SAT 3pm 2015-03-25 FCS Workshop | e RSVP
2015-03-25 FCS Workshop


These are volunteer workshops.

Each workshop begins with a new-volunteer orientation and including whatever the organizer-of-the week decides to organize.

Some activities might include:

  • Participation in Build activities
  • Classes
  • Infrastructure or other special projects

Ongoing projects[edit]


Every week on Saturday starting at 3PM. End time as determined by either the organizer-of-the week or FCS staff.


Filipino Community Center
5740 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, Seattle, WA 98118.



This is the list of people who are (tentatively) authorized to run meetings at FCS.

There will be more over time. If you are interested in facilitating these meetings, please contact mailto:jon@freegeekseattle.org with your information.


Read through the Workshop Guide guide for the basics of setting up & running a meeting.

We also have information about the network.