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This page is about the network at FCS

Wireless network[edit]

We have our own wireless ESSID in the lab. It is Freegeek / password Seattle iirc.

Our netblock is - if you have an IP address outside of this, then you're on the wrong network. Please let us know if this happens.

Wired Network[edit]

There are two Ethernet jacks in the lab room. One is under the table on the south wall, the other behind the table where the admin workstation sits. The other RJ-17 jacks in the room are telephone only.

The Ethernet jack is connected to a 24-port Cisco switch on the same table.

Please be careful of cables on the floor. It's a trip hazard! Please remember to clean up after your cabling, otherwise people can get hurt.

Our subnet is firewalled from the FCS network. After all, we don't want to provide DHCP to the FCS network, that would be bad ;^). We need to provide DHCP on our own segment for Install Server to work. Also, a learning network with a firewall, services, etc. is something we will need.