New Volunteer Orientation HOWTO

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New Volunteer Application[edit]

We need to collect some information about each new person: Name, address, other contact data, etc. For this purpose we have Volunteer Application forms on the wire shelf. Each new person should read the Orientation Packet and fill out a Volunteer Application before proceeding.


If you're not familiar with the information in the link above, please give it a perusal before conducting an orientation.

The facilitator gives a brief introduction to Free Geek Seattle, it's mission and activities, and the new volunteers' potential place within it. Explain the Build and Adoption programs at minimum.

Questions from the audience[edit]

If you've done the presentation reasonably well, there will be few or no questions. If you've done it really well then there will be several, but probably not more than five minutes' worth.


As these meetings continue we'll likely see some questions more than once. This is a place to put those questions and their answers for facilitators' reference.

Other Activities[edit]

As the final part of new volunteer orientation, the volunteers need at least one class- the Safety Class- before proceeding to tear things up.


See the Classes page

Things to remember[edit]

We don't own the TMC space, and we share it with several other groups and projects. Always make sure the space is left in the same condition / configuration in which you found it.

Always sign in at the FCS front desk when you arrive. They need to know we are there and are not burglars. As far as I know we are on 'the book' to be there every week, but they have a lot of scheduled events, so make sure they know we are there.