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This page is for organizing all projects and subjects and procedures related to donations, inventory, selling and granting out hardware. Elcaset is our Donations Coordinator and responsible for editing this section, and all the stuff mentioned herein.

To find out how to donate to us, head over to donate.

Receiving Donations[edit]

What our procedure is for this.


How we keep track of stuff. Note, inventory should be defined as stuff we plan to get rid of at some point, things that are constantly flowing through. Things we use for our own purposes on a longer-term basis should be tracked as assets in a separate database. When we want to get rid of an asset, it becomes inventory and is tracked there.

Donation Development[edit]

This might overlap with the promotion page... but list any projects to increase our donations here. For example, getting some donation bins set up at public locations.


Any hardware we can't make use of, we recycle with a certified electronics recycler. Currently, that's 3R in Sodo:

5511 First Avenue South Seattle, WA 98108

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM M-F 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturdays

Elcaset mentioned there is a company that will pay us specifically for pulled CPU's. Elcaset, if you see this page, WRITE IT HERE. We're saving them in a separate bin in the meantime.

Hardware Grants[edit]

Participants in our regular Build Program receive a free computer.

We're also interested in donating hardware to other community organizations.

Hardware Sales[edit]

Sometimes we have things donated to us that have value, but we aren't able to use as part of our educational, build, or other programs. We are definitely happy to accept these items, and we should sell them to raise funds for other things.