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Current efforts[edit]

This section is for people to report what they have done to promote Free Geek Seattle and/or specific programs or events. Please provide details about when, where and what you did.

  • Sunday 2014 February 16 - I printed out some brochures on Friday and set them out today at the following locations:
  1. Richmond Beach Library
  2. North City laundromat
  3. Shoreline 'Spartan' Recreation Center
  4. North City Safeway store
  5. gave two to people at bus stops

--Koanhead (talk) 20:07, 16 February 2014 (PST)

Proposed efforts[edit]

Soliciting Donations with Email Signatures[edit]

As proposed by blibbet on FGSEA Google group:

"We should come up with the short list of key items that FGS needs, then many of us should share these pithy lines in our email .signatures, especially those of you with 
freegeekseattle-based email. Netizen ettiquite is that sigs should be 0-4 lines, each line is 7-bit ASCII 74-char max. Especially when posting to other mailing lists, no point in 
preaching to the choir with posts to this list'. "

If you decide to change your sig in this way, please post it here so that others can duplicate (or avoid duplicating) it.

Online / Social Networking Accounts[edit]

Printed Materials[edit]


We need a single-page flyer to post in public spaces. Have posted flyers across the Capitol Hill neighborhood in the past, and should probably do so again.


Our 3-panel brochure for use at conventions and such is located here:

We had a great time at LinuxFest Northwest and passed these out from our booth.