Build and Learn Workshops

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These are volunteer workshops.

Each workshop begins with a new-volunteer orientation and including whatever the organizer-of-the week decides to organize.

Some activities might include:

  • Participation in Build activities
  • Classes
  • Infrastructure or other special projects

Ongoing projects[edit]


Every week on Saturday starting at 3PM. End time as determined by either the organizer-of-the week or FCS staff.


Filipino Community Center
5740 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, Seattle, WA 98118.


This is the list of people who are (tentatively) authorized to run workshops at FCS.

There will be more over time. If you are interested in facilitating these workshops, please contact with your information.


Read through the Workshop Guide guide for the basics of setting up & running a meeting.

We also have information about the network.


These weekly events start with orientation for new volunteers. The person who organizes the event that week may program other activities, like a presentation, a class, or a project. Build and Adoption program activities take place.

Here are some of the activities that often occur at our workshops...

  • Replacing a defective hard drive and installing a new (Free) operating system, typically Linux
  • Checking/modifying BIOS settings to see why a system won't boot up
  • Testing hard drives to make sure they're healthy, Wiping hard drives for re-use
  • Disassembly of systems for recycling
  • Hacking on software to improve operational aspects, website
  • Tracking systems in & out and volunteer time
  • Research technical specifications on a particular motherboard, hard drive and so on.