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List of training pages. These contain information for those wanting to read about a topic. For notes on classes, see Classes.

We have both formal and informal training

Formal Training[edit]

  • Classes - topics taught in a class room at a scheduled date & time

Informal Training[edit]

Online Training Resources[edit]

  • KCLS Books24x7 - Anyone with a KCLS library card and PIN can access Books24x7 for free! A large collection of Information Technology books, including textbooks for all of the popular certification exams. Huge variety of topics, from most basic to very advanced.
  • KCLS Lynda - Use your KCLS library card to access, site with great training videos and courses. Mostly programming/database/web development stuff. Great Linux bash scripting tutorial here: Up and Running with Bash Scripting
  • Coursera - This is a free online resource with nearly 500 courses you can take for free.
  • GSLUG talks on Blip.TV - these are almost 40 episode recordings of talks given at the Greater Seattle Linux Users Group (GSLUG) -
  • YouTube - There are actually ton of great IT instructional videos on YouTube, from how to take apart particular models of laptop, to setting up an enterprise network. Take advantage of what's out there.

Topic: Hardware[edit]

  • Hard Drive Recovery Part 1 of 7 - (YouTube) This talk given at Toorcon shows the internal components and operation of a modern-day hard drive. 7 parts so watch them all!

Topic: Coding[edit]


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