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This is a collaborative project between Seattle Meshnet and FGS.

CJDNS NAT Gateway Router[edit]

The first step will be to develop and document a quick and easy method to configure a regular desktop PC as a CJDNS NAT gateway, which will allow access to Hyperboria without having to install CJDNS. Initially, it will be hooked up to Hyperboria via a VPN tunnel out of the FCS's regular internet connection. Eventually, it will be hooked up with the rest of Seattle, with most (with load balancing configs) or all traffic going over an entirely wireless medium. This router will provide meshnet/Hyperboria access to FCS guests via an open wireless AP, and an ethernet switch in our lab.

Meshnet Node[edit]

Once our router is complete, we will mount one or more long-range wireless antennas on the roof of the center. Initially, this may just provide meshnet access for CJDNS peers in the neighborhood via the internet tunnel via FCS's cable connection. Eventually, it will be just another wireless node that is a part of the larger Seattle meshnet.

Develop the SeaMeshBox[edit]

Based on what we learn from setting up a meshnet/CJDNS node ourselves, we can come up with an easy to follow procedure for setting up ordinary desktops as routers, in combination with common long-range wireless antennas. We will document the whole process of installing extra NICs, installing a distro (probably Debian) with CJDNS and anything else it needs to function as an easily-managed and secure router with adequate performance.

Name is a placeholder for something more creative, unless someone actually likes it, in which case it sticks.

Mass Production[edit]

At this stage, we know how to get a node up and running easily. We know what kind of incoming hardware is best for this and we can use as much suitable hardware as we want for this purpose. How these get distributed to end-users will require some consultation with Seattle Meshnet. The goal is to have CJDNS routers/meshnet nodes that can be given to businesses and individuals as easily as a new router from an ISP.