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Open Positions[edit]

Various titles/roles we are looking to fill at this time. These are not paid positions, we are entirely volunteer-run.

To inquire about any of these positions please e-mail mailto:board@freegeekseattle.org


Using inventory of ready-to-go hardware and parts (power supplies, etc) performs the following:

  • Posting to Ebay, Craigslist or Amazon (z-shops) to find buyers
    • Ship the items
    • Recoup the funds back into the coffers

Web developer[edit]

A.k.a. webmaster. Create a better website based on the content we already have. Use Wordpress, Drupal or some other decent CMS to hook in more functionality i.e. social networking, blogging etc. Should have experience with Linux, PHP or another commonly used web-coding language. For now we are sticking with MediaWiki. We may revisit this when we have dedicated hardware to serve our website.

See Website Overhaul for specifics.

Media / Artist[edit]

Graphic Artist Where as we have a need for flyers, brochures, stickers, banners etc., this person will handle the graphic design, page layout, typesetting, printing and related matters.

Other Positions (Filled)[edit]

Board of Directors[edit]

Current Board[edit]

President - Jon Madamba
Vice President/Volunteer Coordinator - None
Treasurer - None
Donations Coordinator - Chad Walters
Secretary - Tim Leavitt

Voting members without portfolio:

Harvey Friedman
Dan Ryan