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The Community Council is a body of volunteers tasked with making long-term decisions for a FreeGeek.

According to

"The council makes decisions for FREE GEEK, specifically decisions that influence multiple areas of operation or working groups, decisions that have to do with long-term or overarching goals and policy, and decisions that might be controversial. Some of these duties are traditionally the in domain of a board of directors. Our board mostly deals with financial and legal oversight and some professional networking. The Free Geek Community Council is the group responsible for the long term vision of Free Geek. It enacts policy that is: overarching, affecting all of Free Geeks, OR cross-group, not as big as overarching, but affects multiple groups (if those groups can't coordinate the policy on their own), OR controversial in nature."

FGSEA does not yet have a Community Council. We should put one together soon I hope. When we have one we can list the members here:

List of Community Council members