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IRS publications[edit]

Stuff needed to 'get' 501c3 status[edit]

Primary task masters: Dan and ???

  1. Get a Seattle City Business license - $67 with late fees and credit/debit surcharge.
    DONE by mfoster...but paperwork was to arrive via postal mail... maybe Jon has it?
  • Customer # (Business license #) : 769603
  • 20226 23RD PL NW SHORELINE, WA 98177-2327
  • NAICS: 811212, Computer and Office Machine Repair and Maintenance
  • License types: BUSINESS LICENSE
  • Renewal Date: 12/31/2014 Phone: (206) 486-6105
  1. Register our state business license
    ^^ Unassigned
  2. File our state taxes with the Department of Revenue - We can almost assuredly declare no revenue, donations are not counted as revenue if your a state nonprofit. - Medium priority, can easily be backdated.
    ^^ Unassigned
  3. Create a EIN/TIN or create one if we don't have one.
    DONE by mfoster..EIN Assigned (2014-04-25): 46-5557264
  4. Register a DUNS Number
    ^^ Unassigned
  5. Obtain a copy of our bylaws, or create them based on FG Portlands
    DONE by mfoster
  6. Obtain a copy of our Articles of Incorporation
    DONE by Jon
  7. Secure a signed letter stating that we operate under the Filipino Community Center's 501c3 status & get a copy of the IRS Letter of Determination of 501c3 status for the Filipino Community Center.
    Assigned to Jon
  8. Open a checking account @ BECU
    ^^ Unassigned
  9. Open a credit card, build credit so we may avoid deposits on monthly services when we get them, and make getting loans or renting/leasing space significantly easier.
    ^^ Unassigned
  10. Create a Paypal account to use for sales@
    DONE by Dan

501c3 filing[edit]


ask to expedite to avoid waiting potentially 3 to 11 months.
There are a few steps here...

  1. draft the paperwork
  2. review with a lawyer
  3. file with the IRS.

Then we're a full blown 501c3 & could start sponsoring other up and coming nonprofits, give tax deductible donation receipts (we already do this often through FCS), etc

Stuff needed to 'keep' 501c3 status[edit]


Filing with govt[edit]

Form 990 & variants[edit]


Pub 4220 sez:

Section 501(c)(3) organizations must make their applications (Form 1023 or 1023-EZ) and the annual returns 
(Form 990, Form 990-EZ or Form 990-PF) available to the public for inspection, upon request and without charge
(except for a reasonable charge for copying). Each annual return must be made available for a three-year period
starting with the filing date of the return