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Free Geek Seattle is a growing non-profit organization modeled after the original Free Geek of Portland, Oregon. Our focus is free and open source software advocacy, technology education, and sustainable computing.

What We Do

  • Refurbish donated computer hardware, and install free open source software for distribution to the community.
  • Provide education about basic PC hardware, the Linux operating system, and any other technologies that we're working on or have expertise in.
  • Recycle anything we can't fix or use in an environmentally-responsible manner.

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Current Events

  • Regular Saturday Workshops (Volunteer Lead sign-up). Note: dates with positions unfilled may have no lead volunteers present. Please click the Current Events link above for details.
  • Monthly meetings 2nd Monday of every month. Time: 7:30pm - 9pm. Location: Town Center at Lake Forest Park food court (Upper level across from Third Place Books), 17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155.


We are closely partnered with the Filipino Community Center of Seattle to provide computer education through their STE(A)M program, and by cross-participation in our weekend workshops/build program and classes.





We are in the process of obtaining full 501(c)3 status.

We are seeking grants. Contact Tom Heuser for specifics.

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