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Create a device in DeviceID, update the devices specs. include [[Category:Hardware]] and it will show up on this list.

This page is automatically updated list of hardware that we have.

Each piece shall have a unique number, and we can go from there.

As volunteers work on computers, they will record the work that they have done on that hardware's page.

As the recipient of the hardware continues to use the hardware, and may experience problems with it, This will be a valuable resource to them, and for Quality Assurance evaluation of the data.

Types of Hardware[edit]

  • InKit -- a chassis and motherboard, power supply, ram, or laptop.
  • OutKit -- a refurbished computer, consisting of components


  • MoboCPU These will often be shipped as a unit.
    • AMD64 WVx WOVx
    • IA32 WSSE2 W Vx WOVx
    • IA32 WO SSE2 W Vx / WOVx
    • G4/G5
    • ARM
    • MIPS
    • OtherLegacy/G3
    • Sparc
  • RAM
    • DDR3
    • DDR2
    • DDR
    • Legacy (Rdram, SDIMM and older)


 Sort by what video driver works with them, and by bus type. This can help determine longevity of the system, as older video equipment may have dropped support.  Also needs to note VGA DVI HDMI and SVIDEO outputs

PCI Express 1,2,3 AGP8x AGP4x AGP2x AGP

  • Nvidia 174
  • Nvidia 304
  • Nvidia 311
  • Noveau
  • ATI/Radeon


  • Notebook PATA
  • Notebook SATA
  • 3.5 SATA
  • 3.5 PATA

CD/DVD (DVD read is nice, but cd writing is likely to not be important any more)

  • CD
  • DVD(implies CD reading
  • BlueRay (implies DVD and CD)
  • Writer (implies writes all lower formats)

Monitor By max resolution. then by size.

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