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For the FCS Workshops that occur every Saturday from 3pm-6pm, at least one experienced/lead volunteer is needed per session.

What the lead does during regular workshops:

  • remember to make sure everyone signs in to log volunteer hours and all changes to inventory are accounted for
  • conducting orientation and other hardware/software instruction
  • ensuring safety and best practices in Build
  • doing what you can to make the session fun and productive

For Volunteer Leads

Please check this event schedule at least once a week.

If no one signed up by Wednesday, the session will be canceled. This will be announced here, front page, and the forum.

If you have signed up as lead and have to cancel, make sure your backup knows and post it on the front page and forum as soon as you know you can't make it.

If the entire session has to be canceled for some reason, post it on the front page and forum!

Volunteer Lead - Sign up to lead the session for the day. You're committing to show up that day and are the one responsible for logging volunteer hours, observing safety practices, and making the session productive.

Backup Lead - You're only obligated to be there if the main lead has given notice that they have to cancel. No obligation otherwise, but if you are probably going to be there that day anyway, go ahead and sign up. We'd like to have both columns filled.

Sign-up Sheet

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