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Device Information[edit]

This page should have been created by making a link on DeviceID and clicking edit. That would suck in the contents from Template:DevTemplate as the boiler plate text for the volunteer to intake. There is an onlyinclude section where the very basic physical description of the device is contained. This gets pulled back into the DeviceID page so we only have to update the descriptions of the devices in one place. This may eventually include more helpful links


Category:SoDo Makerspace

Physical Description[edit]

Name and very short description

Black case



Intake 9/6/14
CPU=2.5 GHz Pentium (R) Dual Core
RAM=4096 MB
Hard Drive=160 MB

ARCH=ia64 MEMTYPE=donno SSE2_Support=Yes

Peripheral Requirements[edit]

Not Specified

Work History[edit]

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Installed LinuxCNC on this machine. Learned that the mach3 basically works with the ESS ethernet to parallel port card. LinuxCNC won't do this... but it would plug into the Parallel port and should work if settings were made to match.
I believe they installed something else on it though